Although Cornwall is known for its beaches and tourism, there is truly much more to discover here. In fact, if you love the surroundings so much, you can choose to live here. As for the question on how to support your stay, there are enough opportunities for livelihood. If you are also enterprising, you might want to be one of the small-and-medium business owners of the area.

Aspiring entrepreneurs will be happy to find all they need to become successful in their enterprise. Businesses in the region get start-up funding and a skilled workforce, as well as a welcoming environment that offers support to inexperienced business owners. Here are some ideas for a new business in Cornwall.

1. Tourism

The most obvious industry that promises success is in the tourism industry. Cornwall has a steady stream of tourists coming in all year round, which means any business catering to these visitors has a huge potential. Beyond opening a hotel or restaurant, there are opportunities to open local tour companies or linking tourists looking for rooms for rent with property owners. There are many holiday accommodation agencies either based in Cornwall or offering self catering rentals in the county. One such company is Bodmin-based company Scotts Castle Holidays which specialises in large holiday homes, big cottages and castles in remote parts of the country from the top of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall. Plus, with many parts of Cornwall still unexplored or unknown, entrepreneurs can offer tours to visitors wanting to explore more of the county.

2. Agribusiness

Cornwall still has a huge agriculture industry which includes the many farms in the region. Thanks to the conducive weather and the fertile land, entrepreneurs have many opportunities in this industry. While this does not mean investing in land to open a farm, some business ideas can make the most of local produce to make artisan food items like cheese. Some very enterprising people have also explored harvesting the seaweed in the county’s coasts as a raw ingredient for other products.

3. IT and Technology

Not many people know it, but the local universities produce many graduates yearly looking for jobs in the area. Many young job seekers aim to stay in the area instead of moving to bigger cities, so entrepreneurs who want to open their own businesses in the IT and technology industry will not have problems looking for qualified employees.

In fact, some of these small-and-medium business owners are local graduates who offer the same services but for a lower cost compared to companies based in London. Other growth areas include renewables energy technology and aerospace. Thanks to the highly-skilled talent in the county, businesses can easily turn new and innovative ideas into fruition.

4. Event Management

Another potential business idea is in the event management industry. There are tons of festivals being organized all around Cornwall yearly, which means there is always a demand for SMEs (small-and-medium enterprises) that provide manpower, equipment, security, and other services during these events. Even if it is as simple as offering parking or traffic management services will find the need in Cornwall.

In the previous century, Cornwall was hit with high unemployment as the traditional fishing and mining industries experienced a decline. Nowadays, this trend has fully reversed, thanks to SME-friendly policies like VAT exemption. With life quality also better compared to big cities, there are very few places that are ideal for new businesses like Cornwall is.


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