Going to Cornwall for a holiday is always a great idea but some people might not appreciate it when there are hordes of tourists around. What’s more, this is the case during summertime or when the weather is quite nice. While you get to enjoy the beach when the temperatures are high, you might not find the peace to relax and unwind from work and other stresses of life.

Cornwall is not only a summer destination, especially since the winters can only enhance the beauty of the surroundings. Beyond that, the place is much quieter with fewer tourists coming during the cooler days. Because of the fewer visitors, the prices are also more reasonable at this time.

The county has tons to offer during the off-peak season. There are many events hosted in the area, even when the weather is colder. You can also explore the surroundings, so long as you wear the right clothing.

What To Do And Where To Go During A Cornwall Winter

1. The Eden Project

This very popular tourist destination is a must-see at any time of the year but it also has some special offerings during winter. Between mid-October and the last week of February, you can find the only indoor ice rink in Cornwall here. What was once a top beach destination turns into a winter wonderland when the temperatures drop. You can check out Santa and his Grotto here to experience the full Christmas spirit.

2. Carnglaze Caverns

Going underground is the right choice regardless of the weather. At any time of the year, the temperature inside the Carnglaze Caverns stays at a constant 10 degrees. Beyond being weather-proof, it is the top choice for the whole family. These 3 breathtaking underground caverns used to be a slate mine and where the Royal Navy stored their rum. For an educational trip for kids, head over to these caverns. Make sure you wear good footwear and a jumper.

3. Farmers Markets

Living in the city does not allow you to buy the produce straight from the farmer, so make sure you hit the local markets during your visit to Cornwall. These will run all year round, regardless of weather, and you can enjoy the local fruits and vegetables. At the same time, you can support these farms and the industry in Cornwall.

4. Festivals

You can time your visit with the winter festivals in Cornwall, starting with the Cornwall Film Festival and Celtic Beer Festival. They are both held in November and you can enjoy the media industry and the bands who come over to the fest. Another festival to try out is the Looe Literary Festival, a four-day event where authors and poets gather. Lastly, you should not miss the Lowender Peran, a festival that celebrates the local heritage. While here, you can listen to traditional music and the well-known Cornish cuisine.

Winter does not mean that Cornwall is completely dead. Instead, there are more than enough reasons for a visit and enjoy both the indoor and outdoor attractions of this county.


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