Art is everywhere in Cornwall. The rugged Cornish landscape and quaint fishing villages are crying out to be painted, and have served as inspiration for artists in Cornwall for generations. This is great news for visitors to Cornwall interested in art, as there are loads of galleries and public artworks to explore and cherish.

It’s not exactly big business, but the Cornish art scene is bustling and it has been for centuries. The St Ives and Newlyn art scenes were once world renowned and considered as art centers as important as London, paris or New York. Artists flocked here for the gorgeous natural light and breathtaking natural landscape.

Cornwall still boasts many great artists including Kurt Jackson, a contemporary Cornwall artist with experience in environments and cultures. He uses a variety of materials and methods to introduce us with inspired artworks illustrating the endless charm of Cornwall. Another contemporary painter is Basma Ashworth – a Cornwall artist who uses colour and texture to depict the scenery and culture of this western outpost of the British Isles.


Searching for Inspired Cornish Artists

There are piles of gifted artists in Cornwall who sell their artwork in your area, and the flourishing art scene in Cornwall inspires visitors to the location to check out art galleries as well as book an art lesson or two. In the heart of lively arty Cornwall, there is always lots of excellent lodging where you can roam to the coastline, where the children are amused and which are well located for doing the art course.

For anyone wanting to learn more about artists in Cornwall from the past, the Internet is a hive of information where you can glean remarkable information on the way art has progressed in this area, and books, archival product and photo collections will take you on an interesting trip from art beginnings to the present day.

Arty Locations to Explore

Try Newquay or Padstow in North Cornwall, which are quickly ending up as important art centres where you can see a Cornish painter, potter or sculptor straight or you can see the many new art galleries which display the works of rising Cornwall artists. Exploring the areas is a wonderful way to be introduced to the art world while being able to take in spectacular views of the gleaming sea and landscapes as you stroll or cycle the coastal footpath. The majority of the Cornwall artist galleries are open every day, showing a charming medley of works from select artists.

St Ives in West Cornwall is renowned as an artist colony and attracts wide varieties of vacationer every day of the year. The art town pushes the coastline of the Celtic Sea and is a hugely popular holiday resort. A BBC film, The Art of Cornwall, asserts that St Ives’ artists ‘produce a few of the most exciting art of the twentieth century … this location was as popular as Paris, as interesting as New York and infinitely more progressive than London.’.

Today St Ives with its charming old granite cottages and quaint patched streets, is a major center of British art. The lighting contributes to landscape art and the St Ives Tate Gallery offers exhibits of some of these motivated works. Why don’t you visit the Barbara Hepworth Gallery and Sculpture Yard in this town? It was gotten by Barbara in 1949, and the studio, known as Trewyn Studio as well as her workshop still has all her tools and the products she made use of when living there.

Penzance is another town where you can literally feel the pulse of its amazing art history. The town hosts exciting exhibitions, using illustrations, photography, paintings and artefacts to ‘mention to’ the tales of prominent artists who were central to the town’s development. Art fans will love the Penlee Gallery and Gallery, and a walk long the promenade and in the location of the harbor provides great deals of fascinating places to take pleasure in some drinks. Penzance Promenade was the target of a famous painting by Newlyn School artist Norman Garstin, called ‘The Rain it Raineth Every Day’.

Falmouth on the southwest point of the Cornish coast has a huge natural harbor, and its spectacular coastal backdrop and its 16th century castle have actually been the inspiration of artists for centuries. Artists and holidaymakers always go to the pointer of the headland where there are remarkable views of the town’s routine regattas. The Falmouth College of Art, founded in 1902, still instructs visual arts today. It provides a number of superb courses which attract students from far and wide who wish to gain from the imaginative excellence at the college.

With a lot beauty, and lots of artistic places to explore, Cornwall has a lot going for visiting art lovers. it doesn’t matter if you’re learning about the local art scene, just browsing or want to invest in fantastic contemporary art, Cornwall remains one of the UK’s hotspots for art and art holidays.

For more information see this Cornwall gallery guide.


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