Art comes in many forms. It can be through scenery, food, paintings, and even buildings. At Cornwall, you can get to experience art in all of these mediums.

Known by many as a heritage destination for creativity and culture, Cornwall is a place that you should not miss if you want to awaken the artist in you. You don’t even have to be an artist to appreciate the beauty of the place. All you have to do is give the place a chance to show you its beauty.

Curious to know more about Cornwall? Here’s a glimpse of the arts that you can visit.

1. The Galleries

The Tate St Ives, the Barbara Hepworth, the Museum and Sculpture Garden, and the Leach Pottery are but a few of the famous galleries that make Cornwall amazing. A gathering of artists since the 1930s due to the pilchard reserves drying up led to the birth of an amazing collection.

2. Artistic Spotlights

Penzance and Newlyn are but two of the known spots that breathe of art and magic. The famous Newlyn School art colony of the 1880s later known as the Forbes School of Painting is just one of the proofs of the rich history Cornwall has in its roots. Heritage and culture is a great way of preserving art and making sure it is not forgotten.

3. Festivals

St Ives September Festival is a two week spread of art exhibitions, theatre productions, live music, and etc. known not only to locals but has an international gathering of art lovers. Gathering 50,000 music fans to a collective celebration of art, the Boardmaster festival is definitely something to remember.

4. Film

The picturesque surreal sceneries of Port Isaac and many others have landed themselves recognition with the TV series Doc Martin. This is but one of many instances wherein the natural sceneries of Cornwall have proven themselves to be majestic in nature.

5. Literature

Film and Literature go hand in hand as film is the physical embodiment of literature itself. A lot of literary masterpieces have been written in the olden times gaining the title of Cornish literature and introducing the Cornish contribution to the world.

6. Theatre

The award-winning Minack Theatre has been a remarkable landmark that defines Cornwall as it is. The spectacular ocean backdrop brings to life the glorious stories performed in plays and is frequented by locals and tourists alike.

Have you thought of planning your next trip to Cornwall? An exciting new experience is maybe what you and your family need but another thing that could really add to the experience is the beauty of and education of art itself. Visiting a place fully indulged in art might just increase your appreciation for art in general.

An exciting new adventure awaits you in the land of Cornwall as you venture towards a place of art and a place of beauty. Take home more than just pictures but rather the sacred experience of being able to breathe in the air of the place that breathes art.


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