All signs are pointing to businesses thriving in Cornwall. Thanks to improvements in infrastructure, accessibility, and now, accommodations in the county, entrepreneurs have all they need to start and grow their businesses. In fact, the opening of the first Holiday Inn Express in Cornwall is a signal that the economy is booming.

With more flights coming into Cornwall Airport Newquay from London and even the rest of the country and Europe, visitors and entrepreneurs will find top accommodation and service at the 71-room hotel just off the A30. This is also a great boost for the local economy as 30 new jobs are created by the opening of the newest branch of this hotel chain.

In fact, numbers show that more and more visitors are coming from far away, including Australia, China, New Zealand, USA, and Russia. They are not just coming to see the area, they are also looking to invest in the local economy and set up their business here. This is boosted by improvements in digital access, infrastructure, and accessibility. Cornwall is ready to compete both nationally and internationally.

Getting To Cornwall

Traveling to Cornwall is uncomplicated these days, beyond the 16-minute Heathrow Express service going to Piccadilly Line and Paddington. Airlines also have codeshare agreements so that it is now possible to book from a lot of international airports into Cornwall’s local Newquay Airport. The Department for Transport and Cornwall Council is also subsidizing the route so that the airport becomes a future hub, which can only do wonders for the economy.

One of the things that Cornwall has that other counties do not is its Aerohub Enterprise Zone, which means unrestricted and uncongested airspace, the longest runways in the UK, and even direct access to maritime traffic. It has all the ingredients that make it possible for businesses to ship into and from Cornwall.

Top Digital Connectivity

Future visitors to the first local Holiday Inn Express will love the incredibly fast connection in the county. It means, they can continue to conduct their business and communicate with their employees, suppliers, and customers across the world. When it comes to developing a world-class hub and business, connectivity is a huge requirement.

This is one of the reasons why Cornwall has invested millions in fiber broadband connectivity for the past 8 years. It can be credited to having created more than 4,000 jobs and making £432m. The county can boast an internet connection that is 5 times faster than the national average.

The Future Possibilities

The opening of the very first Holiday Inn Express is a clear sign of growth and that it will not end any time soon. It will surely be followed by more businesses, especially in the hotel industry, as people need rooms to stay in Cornwall. While the usual cottages and B&Bs will continue to woo in the tourists, hotel chains attract businessmen and international visitors who turn to these brands because they are known internationally.

In the past, the trend had been for people to leave Cornwall and move to London or other big cities, but this is definitely going in the opposite direction now.


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