Camping in Cornwall for Families

People come to Cornwall for many reasons. Some come to explore the amazing local landscapes, some come to dine out. Other come to surf or walk or join an art class. But for most people, Cornwall is simply the destination of choice for the annual family holiday.


With the family market being the most lucrative market to go after, exactly how do campsite owners go about attracting families to their Cornwall campsite?

Well there quite a few ways to do this. First you should look into membership with VisitCornwall, perhaps advertising in their annual brochure or better still on their first-class website. Or go one step further and try to get a listing, accreditation or PR coverage through an association with VisitBritain.

Another good way of attracting the attention of potential family holidaymakers is through good PR in the national press. If you can get coverage in the travel sections of the national newspapers like The Guardian, The Sunday Times or The Independent, you could be st for a bumper summer. And don’t forget the magazines too. Try to target your coverage in the travel magazines such as the Good Holiday Guide or those aimed at families or parents (especially Mum) such as Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan.

On the subject of PR, don’t forget websites too. Ask prominent bloggers or website owners if you can write an article about your local area on their site. This is all great publicity.

Finally don’t under-estimate the power of the search engines. A majority of the people looking for a campsite in Cornwall will search first in Google or Bing. make sure your campsite website is well optimised to appear at or near the top of the search results for camping related phrases in your local area. If you can’t get near the top in the natural rankings, consider setting aside a marketing budget to pay for Google AdWords which offers pay=per-click advertising on i’s network.

If you’re internet savvy you probably already have a Facebook account. It’s important to use your Facebook business page to share stories about your campsite, the local area and camping in general. This way you can build up a following and get your information shared around the network. If you do this consistently and well, it will inevitably lead to customers seeking camping holidays at your park.

Once you’ve mastered Facebook, move on to Twitter, Google+ and if you have time Pinterest also as these are great source of marketing leads for campsites. And while you’re at it, try to embrace major review sites especially travel related sites such as TripAdvisor. managed well these can be a real asset for your marketing.

So there you have it. My quick 5 minute guide to promoting your campsite to families looking for a camping holiday in Cornwall.

How to Promote Your Cornwall Cottage

There are so many places to promote your Cornwall cottage, the options can be confusing. If you own a holiday home you want to rent out to holiday makers you want to promote it in a way that gets noticed amongst all the other thousands of holiday cottages available in the county.

You could do-it-yourself. This could be costly and time-consuming but also very rewarding. A good way to do this is to get your cottage accredited by a recognised holiday accommodation accreditation scheme. VisitCornwall has its own scheme that includes many benefits of membership of the local tourist board. It opens up opportunities to promote your cottage in their annual brochure, or on their website – which is the largest portal for visitors seeking information on holidays in Cornwall and Cornwall holiday cottages.

cottages in Cornwall

You could also hook up with other local websites and directories promoting Cornwall as a quality holiday destination. There are hundreds of local websites which will give you a paid or free listing or mention in one of their articles, which could be worthy promotion for your cottage.

Don’t underestimate the power of PR when considering promotional techniques. It may seem like a lot of effort to write a press release and send out to relevant publications, but a write up in a national newspaper or magazine, and even local coverage, can give you ample promotion to fill your cottage availability. remember that media outlets need a constant source of good content. So if your story is newsworthy or interesting, it has a good a chance of making it into the press as any other business does.

It goes without saying that you must have a good website if you plan to promote your cottage yourself. The majority of people looking for a cottage will want to visit your website to get detailed information about the property, to see out photos and videos, and check prices for their holiday sates. You could get the website found through the promotional methods listed above or you could attempt to promote your cottage in the search engine results pages. Search Engine Optimisation takes a lot of time and effort, but the results can be amazing if you get near the top of the results listings for target key phrases. While it is unlikely you will achieve success for competitive key phrases such as ‘cottage in Cornwall’, you could bolster your chances of success by targeting phrases specific to your particular location or type, style of cottage or accommodation.

While it is fun to promote your cottage yourself, it can be a daunting and challenging task. This is why most people opt to let their cottages in Cornwall through holiday letting agencies. Although these companies, do take a large commission for booking your cottage for you, they do take care of all the marketing and administration required to fulfil a holiday cottage holiday for their guests. Some of these cottage letting agencies also handle cleaning, greeting and concierge services allowing you to be almost completely hands-off if you wish.

Whichever way you choose to go, DIY marketing or promotion through a holiday letting agency, make sure you are always consistent and professional in your promotional activities and you will reap the rewards. Good Luck!

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Best Tourist Attractions in Falmouth

The official town website for Falmouth – – has recently undergone a radical transformation. It has been beautifully redesigned to provide an in-depth and very colourful guide to Falmouth and surrounding attractions on the Fal River.

Falmouth is one of the key towns in Cornwall and one of its biggest located right on the coast. This is thanks to the huge natural harbour, one of Europe’s largest, which has made Falmouth a prominent sea port for ships since the very early days of sailing. This is one of the UK’s most prominent ports as it  is capable of berthing huge ships carrying cargo and passengers from far flung destinations. It is also a favourite with visiting yachtsmen who favour the tranquil sailing grounds and stunning scenery of the Carrick Roads – another name for the creeks and tributaries of the Fal Estuary.


The website itself has done a great job of pulling together loads of information on things to see and do in the town, and is a useful resource for people planning a vacation in the town and for locals alike.

As well as scores of pages on the history of Falmouth, the website details the best places to stay in the town. It also recommends the best galleries for art lovers, best restaurants for foodies and best shops for picking up a bargain or special souvenir from this coastal gem.

Much of the holiday accommodation in the town is either on the waterfront or in a prominent hill-top position with far reaching sea views. Many of the cottages in Falmouth offer the unique opportunity to be close to the town and all its amenities, while also being able to relax in comfort and admire the natural beauty of this south coast location. The site also features some of the many great hotels, ranging from boutique luxury to affordable practicality.

One of the best sections on the website is its many pages devoted to food and drink. Falmouth is one of Cornwall’s top foodie destinations and this is evident from the many choices of cafes, bars and restaurants featured on It really is a fabulous resource offering up suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner catering for all sorts of tastes and exotic flavours. As well as some great local seafood restaurants and traditional Cornish pubs, there is a long list of wholefood cafes, sandwich shops, fish & chip takeaways, curry houses, pizzerias, South African restaurants and so much more.

There is also a very useful transportation section which details all the ferry routes in and out of Falmouth for exploring the far flung corners of the Carrick Roads.

If you’re heading to Falmouth any time soon, be sure to check out this website before your trip. Visit:

Cornwall’s Business Landscape

Despite its isolated position at the far western end of the UK, the landscape for business in Cornwall remains remarkably healthy. The county has many thriving industries, not least tourism which accounts for a large proportion of Cornwall’s economic output. What’s more the county is emerging as a great place to start a business. Lots of people are reported to have found success  by forming new companies, even in a stagnant economy. It  seems Cornwall is a great place to do business.

Tourism business success in Cornwall

With 7 or 8 million individuals visiting Cornwall annually, this tourist destination supplies a lot of business possibilities in the hospitality market and employs a lot of people. Some companies are riding a wave of success as tourism and hospitatility continues to boom. Local companies such as Mousehole cottages are leading the way in the supply of quality, affordable self catering accommodation which is attracting new visitors to Cornwall for their annual holidays. But it’s not just cottage holiday companies who are doing well. Hotels, B&Bs, holiday parks and campsites are all reporting strong bookings throughout the year, and popular visitor attractions and tourist activities are always packed especially in the busy summer holidays.

But there is more to Cornwall than just tourism. Fishing and farming are still huge industries in this largely rural county, and many producers are supplying locally to the many fine restaurants and cafes available all over Cornwall. Mining as well as quarrying along re additionally dynamic industries in Cornwall as well as there is also a growing creative sector in Cornwall, with photography, graphic design, software development and also crafts and arts supplying a wide range of work opportunities.

Cornwall provides a variety of work opportunities for its residents as well as for people who come from other parts of the world to work here. There is also fantastic aid and assistance for would-be entrepreneurs. The appeal of starting a business in Cornwall is that it has a sturdy support network of business people and organisations; people are ready to help and assist each other. Since there are outstanding business opportunities, the reality that Cornwall is a superb location to live and work. Lots of young individuals, after graduating, opt to remain in Cornwall and also begin their own businesses or sign up with business where their skills and could be put to good use. They additionally have accessibility to government-backed start-up schemes such as Unlocking Potential and Grow Cornwall.

People with good ideas and a strong desire to do well, are bound to succeed in Cornwall. Exactly what is so great in Cornwall is that people with creative and also brilliant suggestions g et the encouragement they require, and in fact Cornwall provides the greatest degrees of gives as well as business assistance than any kind of various other location in the UK. People launching a business have access to enterprise clubs as well as programmes which are held in informal setups where those wanting to start a company could share concepts, glean important tips or even enter into assistance networks. The clubs assist with getting this business off the ground in a competitive environment.

The Cornwall Business Show likewise draws in stacks of exhibitors with each one giving fantastic information on markets ranging from farming to catering, IT to mining, and of course tourism and hospitality. No matter whether you are a start up business or a fully grown enterprise; the exhibition is a one stop location for all sorts of business information, advice, support and networking opportunities.

People who have actually taken the opportunity and moved to Cornwall always express their pleasure in reaching a good work life balance. They boast that living and working in Cornwall allows them to ‘have it all’, where business and lesiure possibilities abound. With so much potential and so much assistance, it’s actually surprising that more business owners are not moving here or growing here to successfully transform their bright ideas right into an amazing and effective business. It’s the perfect place to work hard and also make a go of it in a wonderfully stunning part of the UK. Any person who would like to strive and also that has a passion to start a new endeavour in Cornwall can benefit from the a wide range of gaps in the marketplace, bring a new idea to a brand-new area and take pleasure in a lot of success and joy while doing it.

With such a great business landscape and economic support network, we expect to see many new businesses thrive in the next few years to add to the already roaring success of the tourism, agriculture and marine industries.


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