Choosing anything related to your wedding can be a tricky business. You want everything at your Cornwall wedding to be perfect. This especially goes for the ladies. You want people to remember your wedding as the best wedding ever. Of course this is a very special moment for you and you want to take away all the memories you can and save them into a photo album. You want every detail to be captured. You want the expressions to be captured, yours and everyones. You want to see how your friends and family looked on the wedding day. You want this happy day to be saved eternally and for precisely these reasons you want the best photographer for the job.

But there are hundreds of photographers in Cornwall. How do you choose the perfect Cornwall wedding photographer? In this article we will look at some things that must be present in a photographer in order for him to be considered a good  “Wedding Photographer”. Our handy tips will help you select the best photographer for your Cornish wedding.

Cornwall wedding photography

1. Interview Various Candidates

Don’t settle on the first photographer you see. Interview various photographers and then choose the best can candidate. A simple search on Google will reveal some of the best wedding photographers in Cornwall. When doing the research take into account everything that he or she has to offer. Are they professional? Does he or she have some experience? If yes, how much? How is he or she as a person? Studies show that jolly and fun loving people are better wedding photographers. Finally when you are sure, choose the one you like the most.

2. View the Portfolio

This is one of the most important things. Every one claims they are good. What really proves their worth is the work they have done. Professional photographers will know how to take the perfect photographs whatever the venue and are experienced in getting the most out of Cornwall’s wonderful scenic locations. These perfect pictures will be present in a portfolio of his or hers. You will never know how good he or she is unless you see their portfolio. So make sure you see it!

3. Review Some Full Albums as Well

Everyone puts their best work in the portfolio. In order to get a better picture of what the photographer has to offer, ask to see a couple of examples full albums produced for couples who have had their wedding ceremonies or receptions in Cornwall. If you know someone who hired the same photographer, ask them if you can see their wedding album. Once you have seen all the work, you will be able to analyse their work in a better way.

4. Do You Want a Team or an Individual?

How can you choose between a team and an individual? Of course the team can capture more but they cost more too. Is your wedding ceremony small or big? If you have 500 guests and you have a destination wedding planned, I would recommend a team of photographers. However if you have a small wedding ceremony, an individual would be the best man for the job. Many photo studios have a number of photographers working under them. It is important that you specify and book the one that you like.

5. Discuss the Details

When you are interviewing photographers, remember to tell them about the details. Is your function an indoor function or is it an outdoor function? What is the floral arrangement? How is the lighting scheme? Will it be dark or bright? Are they familiar with the local scenery at the Cornish location? A photographer must know all these details in order to shoot perfectly. While you are discussing details see if the photographer has some experience in your chosen wedding venue. If he has, that is a huge plus.

6. Assess the Photography Equipment

By photography equipment I don’t mean the camera. Every professional photographer will have the best gear required for taking wedding photos. What I am talking about is the supporting equipment. If he uses sophisticated equipment such as quadcopter and a small crane, that is great! Why is it great? Well, simply because he will be able to cover more angles. Imagine a picture taken with the help of a drone that captures an aerial view of your ceremony or guests amid the dramatic coastal scenery at your Cornwall wedding venue. Now how great would that be? These would give a unique perspective on the wedding and photos you can cherish forever.

If you follow the tips outlined in this column you are well on your way to getting outstanding photographs from your Cornwall wedding.


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